Automatic Pool Covers: What You Need To Know

I recently attended an automatic cover seminar at the Coverstar plant in Indiana. This hands-on training gave me great insight into their auto covers. I used to think that Coverstar products were difficult to install. However, this seminar proved me wrong. I learned that Coverstar automatic pool covers are actually easy to install and quite builder-friendly. 


Builders And Coverstar Auto Covers


I think a lot of builders tend to shy away from selling, installing, or even repairing Coverstar auto covers. One reason for this is a preconception about the time involved for installing a Coverstar auto cover. Some builders may think it will take too much time to install one of these units. Another issue is that some builders may be afraid that they will have to make visits to check on the installation afterward, which simply isn’t true. And, finally, many builders may believe that a Coverstar automatic pool cover will be too expensive for the homeowner.


Auto Covers Offer Savings

Coverstar auto cover will actually save homeowners money in the long run. This is because automatic pool covers actually reduce chemical usage. And, because covers help keep debris out of pools, homeowners will end up spending less on cleaning supplies. And, if a homeowner happens to have a heated pool, an auto cover will help keep the pool heated, which will save the homeowner on heating and electricity costs. 


Other Benefits Of Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers

In addition to savings, Coverstar auto covers also provide some other great benefits for the homeowner, including an extended swimming season and added safety. 


Coverstar Services

Besides selling top-of-the-line automatic pool covers, Coverstar also provides builders and dealers:


  • Unparalleled support 
  • Engineering and design assistance
  • Jobsite training
  • Installation services and referrals


Benefits Of Selling Coverstar Auto Covers

Auto covers can be a great after market sale for both dealers and builders. Honestly, if you aren’t selling auto covers, you are missing out on the chance to make extra revenue. If you decide you want to better your business by selling Coverstar automatic pool covers, take advantage of their hands on training. 


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