Prep For The Season With Our Seasonal Prep Guide

Each season brings new challenges, and being fully prepared is very important. Prepping is easy as long as you maintain a few things along the way.

Getting Organized

Being organized can mean a couple of things to different people, but in the pool industry it means having some structure to your workday. Planning what customers are on your schedule, planning routes for you and your team, knowing what equipment is needed, what kind of service jobs you have or just logging and filing your invoices and sales. Organization is the name of the game and if you are well kept and focused on this skill you will see that kind of positivity reflect on your business, staff/team, and your customers. Organization breeds productivity and productivity breed success every single time.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

A big attribute that requires a lot of emphasis. Working well as a team is crucial to the prep for the next season or even the current season, whether it is retail, service or construction. Not having the right teamwork can hurt a business severely. Working with your team to get each job done correctly and efficiently is what can separate you from the competition. Having strong team members with different unique skills allows you to be more versatile in how you work in this business. It is what can help you branch out and tackle bigger jobs and increase productivity and boost morale. You can do this by your-self, I have seen first-hand this industry put people through the ringer and teach them a lesson. There is an old saying that goes well with this, “There is no I in Team”. Build a strong, unique, and ambitious team and be successful.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Having what you need for each job is key. Making sure your team has everything they need is also key. So in the spirit of prepping, make sure you are communicating with your team, or communicating with us, at Pool Contractors Supply, about upcoming jobs. In doing so, you get some lead time so we can have equipment ready for you and make sure the job is covered while you can focus on the other two points, the team and maintaining organization. Having the resources are going to save you a lot of time and money, and using us as a primary resource we can help back you up and get you ready for the next job.

Every season provides a challenge, it could be weather in the Winter time, or the upcoming busy season of Spring and Summer. At Pool Contractors Supply, we have 30+ years of experience in the office and have seen everything that comes with this business, we know prepping is important and we want to make sure you and your team are ready to go for the next job no matter what the challenge.