Automatic Pool Covers: What You Need To Know

Pool Contractors Supply - Automatic Pool cover

I recently attended an automatic cover seminar at the Coverstar plant in Indiana. This hands-on training gave me great insight into their auto covers. I used to think that Coverstar products were difficult to install. However, this seminar proved me wrong. I learned that Coverstar automatic pool covers are actually easy to install and quite…

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Prep For The Season With Our Seasonal Prep Guide


Each season brings new challenges, and being fully prepared is very important. Prepping is easy as long as you maintain a few things along the way. Getting Organized Being organized can mean a couple of things to different people, but in the pool industry it means having some structure to your workday. Planning what customers…

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Travertine: A Smart Choice for Pool Builders

Pool Contractors Supply - Travertine

Travertine can help pool dealers and builders differentiate their pools at a nominal cost while increasing customer satisfaction and improving their bottom line.   As a dealer or builder, there are some good business reasons why you should consider travertine for pool decks and walkways. This beautiful, natural-looking stone, when used in place of concrete, can…

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How To Find the Expiration on Test Reagents

Pool owners and operators know that testing their pool water is an important task for the safety and enjoyment of swimmers. If the pool’s chemicals are off-balance or used incorrectly, we can be at risk for accidents, health concerns, and shutdowns.    Pool contractors, pool maintenance companies, and pool retailers should check your inventory now…

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Neumann’s Notes: The 5 Benefits of Being Partnered with PCS

About Pool Contractors Supply Background

After being employed with PCS now for as long as I have, I have first hand seen the benefits of being a member of our family. Never have I worked with a group of individuals so dedicated to helping their customers and friends 24/7. Access to 20,000+ products Having access to our inventory doesn’t just…

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Neumann’s Notes: Partnering with Pool Contractors Supply

Pool Contractors Supply - About

Partnering up with Pool Contractors Supply is a big deal for us, so we take great pride in that relationship. With that in mind, we need to make sure you understand what is now in your arsenal. Our team at Pool Contractors Supply will be by your side no matter what challenge you have ahead…

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Variable Speed Pump Requirement: What You Need To Know

Pool Contractors Supply - Variable Speed Pump

July 19, 2021 will be here before you know it. That’s the date when the U.S.Department of Energy (DOE) will begin restricting the production and sale of most single speed pumps. Going forward, average inground pool pumps will have to be variable speed. While some states have previously enacted their own energy efficiency standards for…

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