Travertine: A Smart Choice for Pool Builders

Travertine can help pool dealers and builders differentiate their pools at a nominal cost while increasing customer satisfaction and improving their bottom line.  

As a dealer or builder, there are some good business reasons why you should consider travertine for pool decks and walkways. This beautiful, natural-looking stone, when used in place of concrete, can create an opportunity for incremental income by landing more high-end business. In addition, travertine reduces installation time and labor compared to concrete, improving your bottom line. But the perks extend to your customers as well. 

Travertine provides a much higher-end finish than concrete for an elegant pool deck or walkway. The veins in the stone deliver unique and attractive designs, especially in sunlight. The benefits to your customers go beyond the aesthetics. 

Reduces slips
Because travertine is a porous material, it absorbs water and moisture which greatly reduces slips and falls, making the pool area much more safe. 

Stays cool
Travertine absorbs the ground below while reflecting the intense heat from the sun, acting as a natural insulator to keep the pool deck or pavers cool. 

Eliminates sharp surfaces
Concrete and other pool deck and walkway materials have sharp edges or rough surfaces that can cause cuts or scratches. Travertine has a surface that is smooth to the touch. 

Stands up to harsh conditions
Travertine is very durable and a great choice for high-traffic pool decks and walkways, as well as harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Travertine can be used as walkways or decks deck and edges. Use coping around the edge or ledge; either honed and filled or tumbled bullnose, and use only honed pavers for walkways and decks. You can color match both coping and pavers. 

Another consideration is the quality of travertine. It is available in three different grades: premium, standard, and commercial. Grades are determined by the number and size of holes and voids, edges, cuts, thickness, fillers, and color consistency.  

  • Premium grade: widest range of colors, small holes, double filled, smooth, beveled edges, and uniform in size and color.  
  • Standard grade: second largest range of colors, some large holes, some filler, double filled, smooth edges and uniform in size, some color striations or swirls. 
  • Commercial grade: large color variations with the tile, small unfilled holes, small defects, large voids filled, edges may be cracked or broken. 

A pool with high-end travertine features can not only add excitement to your clients’ properties, it can communicate a level of luxury that easily differentiates your pools from your competitors’ and create a whole new market segment.  

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