Neumann’s Notes: The 5 Benefits of Being Partnered with PCS

After being employed with PCS now for as long as I have, I have first hand seen the benefits of being a member of our family. Never have I worked with a group of individuals so dedicated to helping their customers and friends 24/7.

Access to 20,000+ products

Having access to our inventory doesn’t just mean what we have on hand, it means having our connections with the pool industry as far as ordering whatever you need and getting what you need to finish and complete your jobs. If you can’t make it out to us, we offer job site delivery and have scheduled routes everyday to our customers so we can make sure your big job has everything they need.

Easy product ordering

Troubleshooting is big part of our jobs everyday too and if you can’t solve a problem and need a quick answer or need to place a quick order for pick up or delivery, we have a text line (901-245-5738) Just send in a photo of the problem or place your order and our team can get that situated for you in a matter of minutes. The PCS website is another tool for you to use as well, once you set up an account with us you instantly gain access to our complete online catalog as well as resources for parts like manuals or troubleshooting guides.

Expertise to do the job right

Building a brand-new pool? Need a ton of equipment coming soon? Then you can set up an equipment template and instantly order your entire equipment set from your list with one press of a button. Giving you everything you need is what we want, when you succeed then we succeed.

Up-front & consistent pricing

Another benefit is having straight up-front pricing, we want to maintain our transparency and keep our relationship true. Knowing how much something is and knowing it won’t change is kind a sigh of relief in today’s crazy market.

The support you need

And lastly you have our team as support for your business, no matter what kind of job you have to tackle head on, we are right there with you every step of the way. Our goal is to not be just another pool store, at the end of the day we want to be your partner. Our mission, we are dedicated to delivering the knowledge and resources that help swimming pool professionals succeed.